About Us

       DeniseLondon's Hair Company has done more than the norm. We've set out to break myths and uncover the truth about growing healthy hair. DeniseLondon's Hair Company was founded by DeMoor Hill. Guided by passion for hair, science, and the joy of seeing others happy.  DeMoor decided to start her own hair care company after seeing success when treating her son for cradle cap and thinning hair. Our goal as a hair care company is to make products that create an ultimate environment to grow healthy hair. Starting with the importance of a healthy scalp that produce healthy hair follicles. In addition, to including optimal products in our hair care regimen for maintaining moisture and preventing hair breakage. We not only strive for healthy hair but we strive for every Queen and King we come in contact with to embrace their entire being and to nourish their inner and outer being as one. " You're Wonderfully and Fearfully made". Leaving you with our Motto " Crown Your Temple" 


Much Love, 

DeniseLondon's Hair Company 




Photo byAugust de Richelieu fromPexels